CAC Board Members’ Bios-Summer 2010 Page 3

Tiwana Walton, CAC Director Langley Research Center

My name is Tiwana Walton and I am a graduate student at Old Dominion University in the field of Systems

Tiwana Walton, Langley Research Center

Engineering.  I have been a graduate co-op here at NASA Langley Research Center since June 2008.  I work in the Aeronautic Systems Analysis Branch (ASAB) in the area of aviation safety.

 My current research task is to assist with the program (or portfolio) assessment of aviation safety technologies. The purpose of “program assessment” is to predict the impact of NASA’s technologies on the aviation system of the future. Some of the factors used to measure this impact are fatal accident rate, technical development risk, implementation risk, cost and projected impact on safety risk. In program assessment, we use statistics, probability, systems analysis methods and computer programs to predict whether NASA’s technologies will reduce the number of airplane accidents in the future.

 Ashley Parham, CAC Secretary Dryden Flight Research Center

School: Iowa State University

Ashley Parham, Dryden Flight Research Center

Major: Aerospace Engineering with a minor in Astronomy

Hometown: Sioux City, Iowa

Why Join CAC: CAC is a great organization and program to get involved with. CAC allows you to network with co-ops and interns across the NASA agency and allow you to talk about life as a co-op. You also get an opportunity to work on cool projects to help expand CAC and promote co-oping and interning at NASA.

Favorite Co-op Memory: My favorite NASA memory as a co-op would have to be meeting and getting to know all the amazing NASA employees that I have had the opportunity to work with. Each mentor that I’ve had has shaped my career path in some way or another through projects that are both challenging and awarding in the end. I have learned so much as a student and a future engineer.  NASA has taught me the practical applications of how to be an engineer. To be an engineer means knowing and understanding all disciplines of engineering, challenging yourself, continuous learning, researching and testing really really cool technology, and having a job you love. NASA is an exciting and great place to work.


 Creighton McIntyre, CAC Center Director Marshall Space Flight Center

My name is Creighton McIntyre.  I am a co-op at Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama. 

Creighton McIntyre, Marshall Space Flight Center

 I attend Auburn University and am studying Mechanical Engineering.  I am also from Huntsville, Alabama.  This is my third semester as a co-op.  I worked two semesters in the solid propulsion group.  I am currently in the Shuttle Propulsion Chief Engineering Office.

Why Join CAC: CAC is a very interesting group to be involved in.  There are many helpful things CAC does.  It connects co-ops from all different centers.  You get to learn not only what your center does but what other NASA centers do as well.

Hobbies:  I am a huge football fan and a big sports fan overall. 

Favorite Co-op Memory:  One of the best things I have done as a co-op is work on some of the smallest solid rocket motors in the Ullage Settling Motor’s Igniter, which is only about 5lbs, to working with the RSRMs, which is the largest solid rocket motor that is active.  My first semester as a co-op at Marshall, I got to witness and work on about 20 igniter firings.  I also worked on the development of ARES V solid rocket motor.  I’ve also visited KSC twice (once for STS-129), MAF, Utah’s ATK facility, and JSC.


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