CAC Board Member Bios – Fall 2011

Johnson Space Center

 Michael Hernandez – Project Lead

Center: Johnson Space Center

 School: University of Houston

 Major: Accounting

 Co-op Since: Fall 2011

 Hobbies: Softball, volleyball, composing and performing classical music, dogs

 Area Currently Working In: Travel Accounting, Strategic Architecture Integration Team

 Favorite Co-op Memory: Watching Apollo 13 in Historic Mission Control with the ACTUAL flight director present

 Why is CAC important to you?:  Integrating the future generations of the space program is important for the development of human spaceflight.


Jeff Chin – Glenn Center Director

Center: Glenn Research Center

School: Case Western Reserve University

Major: Aerospace Engineering & Mechanical Engineering

Minor: Economics

Co-op Since: Summer 2010

Hobbies: Rowing, Cycling, Robotics

Area Currently Working In: Supersonics, Multidisciplinary Design, Analysis and Optimization

Favorite Co-op Memory: Meeting the STS-135 crew

Why is CAC important to you?:  Working at NASA gives me the opportunity to interact with the leading experts from multiple generations . CAC is one of the best opportunities to network with peers of the next generation.

Samantha Shine – Marshall Center Director

Center: Marshall Space Flight Center

School: University of Alabama in Huntsville

Major: Industrial and Systems Engineering

Co-op Since: August 2009

Hobbies:  Traveling, Reading, Yoga, Cooking and Baking

Area Currently Working in: Ground Operations and Logistics

Favorite Co-op Memory: Definitely meeting astronauts. Also, the opportunities to reach out to local kids interested in STEM fields.

Why is CAC important to you?: It is such an amazing opportunity to see what other co-ops are working on at other NASA centers and to interact with co-ops across the country.

Kyle Yawn – Johnson Center Director

Center: Johnson Space Center

School: Georgia Institute of Technology

Major: Aerospace Engineering

Co-op Since: Fall 2010

Hobbies: Traveling, Reading, Hiking, High Powered Rocketry, Sports, Writing, Exploring, Pondering

Area Currently Working In: International Space Station Mechanisms and Maintenance Group (OSO)

Favorite Co-op Memory: I had the privilege during my first co-op tour to work on two different flight projects for the ISS.  I was able to conduct all the certification testing and inspections for both pieces of hardware and they flew to the space station before my tour ended.  It is pretty awesome to know that hardware I had a hand in designing is now on the ISS.

Why is CAC important to you? I have been able to work at multiple centers and know that we each do something different and can learn from each other.  CAC is teaching the next generation of NASA employees about the value of communication between centers and the sharing of information and ideas among our fellow co-ops.


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