CAC Board Member Bios Summer 2011

Rose Stokes, Project Lead

Center: Johnson Space Center

School: Central Michigan University

Majors: General Management and Psychology

Co-op Since: Spring 2011

Hobbies: Traveling, reading, writing, hanging out with friends, meeting new people

Area Currently Working In: Institutional Procurement

Favorite Co-op Memory: My favorite memory is going to see the STS-133 launch at Kennedy Space Center.  It was amazing to see Discovery begin her last flight before retirement.  I also was able to stand underneath Atlantis and next to Endeavour so it was a great couple of days!

Why is CAC important to you? CAC is important to me because we are making great connections and doing great things through CAC.  We are getting to know people who are at other Centers and learning what they do there.

Kelley Jones, Secretary

Center: Kennedy Space Center

School: Purdue University

Majors: Aeronautical/Astronautical Engineering

Minor: Dance

Co-op Since: Spring 2009

Hobbies: Dance, Cooking, Photography, and Choreography

Area Currently Working In: NE-F2: Fluids Design

Favorite Co-op Memory: There are so many, but it is a close three-way tie between my first and third shuttle launch and the Ares IX launch. All were phenomenal and historical events and each was a unique experience. I have been lucky enough to see all the rockets out here at KSC launch and every time I watch them, no matter the size or boom, they never cease to amaze me.

Why is CAC important to you? I feel CAC is important because it is starting a whole new NASA generation that is more cohesive. I feel with CAC, instead of there being just KSC, JSC, GSFC, MSFC, and so on, it will hopefully once again just be NASA.

Sam McIlvoy, Ombudsman

Center: Johnson Space Center

School: Texas A&M

Major: Management

Minor: Economics

Co-op Since: Summer 2011

Hobbies: Watching football, Watching TV, Playing video games, Floating the river

Area Currently Working In: BH3 – Project Procurement

Favorite Co-op Memory: Watching the final shuttle launch

Why is CAC Important to you? It’s another way to get involved around NASA to see what exactly is happening everywhere, as well as an opportunity to network.

Sahar Leaupepe, Ames Center Director

School: University of San Francisco

Major: International Relations

Minor: African Studies

Hobbies: Traveling, Reading, Swimming

Area Currently Working In: Ames Public Affairs Office

Why I joined CAC? CAC has opened the door for cross-agency communication between Co-op students. This opportunity enables students to become more aware of their future at NASA. My participation in CAC will leverage my outreach skills to facilitate student involvement within NASA.

Justin McCarthy, Dryden Center Director

School: The Ohio State University

Majors: Electrical and Computer Engineering

Minor: Classics

Co-op Since: January 2011

Hobbies: Hockey, Hiking, Reading, and Swimming

Area Currently Working In: MC – Western Aeronautical Test Ranger

Favorite Co-op Memory: My favorite co-op memory, so far, is sitting in the control room during the testing of an F-18 with an experimental controls system.  It is not an opportunity many people get to experience.

Why is CAC important to you? CAC fosters connections between the Centers that will evolve as co-ops become full-time members of NASA.  It gives co-ops the chance to see the big picture of what NASA is doing every day.

Caitlin Kavanaugh, Glenn Center Director

School: Rochester Institute of Technology

Majors: Mechanical Engineering with Aerospace Option & Computer Science

Co-op Since: June 2011

Hobbies: Running, Reading, Hiking

Area Currently Working In: Multidisciplinary Design, Analysis, and Optimization

Why is CAC important to you? CAC offers an opportunity to learn more about other co-op experiences and to meet students from other NASA Centers.

Sophia Mo, Johnson Center Director

School: University of Texas – Austin

Major: Economics

Minor: Business

Co-op Since: Fall 2010

Hobbies: Making hand-crafts, Designing shirts, Dancing, Cooking, Playing sports

Area Currently Working In: Exploration Systems Procurement Office

Favorite Co-op Memory: My favorite Co-op memory is when I stood less than a foot away from the NBL pool.  Having the opportunity to witness astronauts working below the water was super cool and exciting because I was able to imagine them performing the same task up in space!

Why Join CAC?  Because I want to meet Co-ops from other Centers, learn from their experiences, and expand my network in NASA.  It is a good way to understand what other Centers are doing and be able to share resources and information across Centers.

Jonathan Martinez, Kennedy Center Director

School: University of Central Florida (UCF)

Major: Aerospace Engineering

Co-op Since: Fall 2009

Hobbies: Sports, Music, My car, Traveling, Technology

Area Currently Working In: Shuttle Main Propulsion

Favorite Co-op Memory: I had the opportunity to watch Ares 1-X launch from a VIP balcony right behind the press site.  It was nice seeing people on a whole new level of excitement because we all knew that we were watching history unfold.  The morale around Kennedy Space Center was at its highest point and I will never forget how excited everyone was and how crowded the parking lot and streets were.

Why is CAC important to you?  Networking between all the young people across the Agency is very important.  As cliche as it may be, we are the future and having CAC sets a solid foundation and allows us to stay up-to-date on what’s going on at other Centers.

Erek Allen, Marshall Center Director

School: Mississippi State University

Majors: Industrial and Systems Engineering

Minor: Mathematics

Co-op Since: May 2009

Hobbies: Spending time with my roommates, Ultimate Frisbee, Sports, Traveling, Technology

Area Currently Working In: Propulsion Department Business Management Office

Favorite Co-op Memory: Witnessing the launch of STS-132 with my family.  The day was beautiful and the launch was spectacular.  I was very proud of this great Agency and this great country when the shuttle lifted to orbit.

Why is CAC important to you?  CAC is a great way to see what else is going on around NASA.  As a student without a full-time career yet, it’s important to see what else is out there in the world and try your hand at as many things as possible and meet as many people as possible.


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